A Message From Our President

Dear Friends of Face the Future:

No child born with craniofacial differences should be denied proper care on the basis of ability to pay.  This simple belief guides our mission.

Over the years, we have helped change many children’s worlds.  For each of these situations, there are hundreds of others.  While each is special and unique, their stories share a common thread: the vast majority are from low income or public aid dependent families.  The care they require is typically covered only in part by private insurance or public funds.  With each passing year, the situation deteriorates and the challenges grow.

We are dedicated to meeting these challenges.  Our ongoing efforts to raise awareness, such as our annual gala, has resulted in a surge in personal donations.  We continue to forge new relationships with both businesses and nonprofit organizations.  Going forward, we look to expand our organization outreach through innovative and mutually beneficial partnerships.

The funds we raise go to supporting the success of our mission.  It is the dedication and hard work of our outstanding Board that makes this possible.  We are and will remain a volunteer organization.

The primary beneficiary of our efforts is the UI Health Craniofacial Center.  Long recognized as a leader in craniofacial care, the Center takes a holistic approach to restoring the facial character of children suffering from birth defects, illness, or accidents.  In addition to reconstructive surgery, special attention is devoted follow-up care including therapy for speech and audiology problems, psychological counseling, and orthodontics.  No child is turned away for financial reasons.  Face the Future Foundation is proud to support the Center in their life-changing work.

For me there is no greater joy to know that our efforts have helped change the world for so many children.  In these difficult times, the need is greater than ever.  But so too is our commitment.



Robert Grant

President, Face the Future Foundation