Making Dreams Happen

Face the Future Foundation Helps Transform the Craniofacial Center

Funding from Face the Future Foundation has given the Craniofacial Center at the University of Illinois-Chicago an unparalleled opportunity to transform its treatment services. Through the implementation of cutting edge technologies over the past six years, the Center has become one of the leading innovators in surgical planning, craniofacial reconstruction, and rehabilitation. Advanced procedures pioneered by the Craniofacial Center include 3D-imaging, the use of virtual planning and simulation software, and the precision utilization of advanced manufacturing and fabrication technologies.

Face the Future has also supported such specialized professionals as hearing and psychology therapists, as well as experts in computer-based technologies. This support has guaranteed our patients greater access to these important rehabilitative specialists. Operational funding support has also enabled the Center to maintain its momentum in implementing emerging computer-based technologies, facilitating continued growth and advancements as a national and international leader in emerging clinical technologies and treatment protocols.