Our Superheroes

Our Superheroes

Great Strength Forged in Adversity

Families of children born with craniofacial differences face an intense and harrowing, 18-year journey. Face the Future Foundation is dedicated to helping improve the quality of life of these beautiful children.

When they are just three months old, our heroic kids must undergo their first surgeries, repairing cleft lips. At nine months, another surgery repairs their palate. At four, pharyngeal flap surgery and speech therapy help these young heroes speak normally. Bone grafts and surgical touch-ups dot their youth, punctuating their life with challenges undreamed of by their peers. While our kids worry about finishing high school and picking the best college, they are also receiving jaw and nose alignment surgeries and final treatments on their lip.

By the time they have finished their full course of treatment at the Craniofacial Center, our heroes have faced and overcome more adversity than many experience in a lifetime.

Through the amazing efforts of the Center’s staff and their own resolve, our kids emerge ready to face the world on their own terms. Every year, thanks to the astounding generosity of our donors, we give more than 5,000 Chicago-area kids the chance to live the normal life they deserve. By supporting Face the Future, you too can make their dreams a reality.

Our Kids At a Glance

The children of the Craniofacial Center at the University of Illinois come from very diverse socio-economic, ethnic and racial backgrounds. No child is ever denied services. All receive state-of-the-art care regardless of their ability to pay.

In the News

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Screened during the annual gala, this touching video depicts the life-changing work of the Craniofacial Center at the UIC College of Medicine.

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