Adrienne L. Green Scholarship


Complete submissions (2-page application form and creative project) can be made by:

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    Adrienne L. Green Scholarship
    Face the Future Foundation
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  • Fax to (312) 448-7137 with a cover page designation to Adrienne L. Green Scholarship
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    In honor of Adrienne L. Green’s legacy, Face the Future Foundation is proud to announce the establishment of the Adrienne L. Green Scholarship. Adrienne Green was a creative entrepreneur and long-time supporter and board member of Face the Future Foundation and a supporter of the UI Health Craniofacial Center.

    Scholarship Qualifications:

    • The Adrienne L. Green Scholarship is open to all current and former patients of the UI Health Craniofacial Center. One $5,000 scholarship will be awarded annually to the winning candidate to attend the higher qualified education institution of their choice. Accredited, qualifying institutions include the following: college, training academy, trade or graduate school.
    • Scholarship applicants are requested to tell their story through a creative medium. Applications will be evaluated on creativity, innovation, aspiration and clarity of purpose – all qualities held in high regard by Adrienne Green. Applicants do not have to be artists.
    • Submissions can be made in the form of a simple poem; a photo collage (3’ x 4’ maximum size); a podcast or short video (5 minutes or less); a brief essay (1,000 words or less); or another creative platform of the applicant’s choosing.

    Adrienne L. Green:

    Adrienne Green saw the world through the eyes of an artist. She was an avid art collector who believed every work of art tells an important story. Adrienne was particularly passionate about the importance of education. She believed everyone should seek continued education and supported higher learning through college, trade or graduate school or a training academy.

    Three things were constants in Adrienne’s life: her love of her family and friends; her passion for art; and her belief in education.  The Adrienne L. Green Scholarship honors her legacy.




    Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.”

    Pablo Picasso